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Dr. Baker is now a children’s book author. Read the exciting details below!

Nola wants to be a nurse practitioner just like her mom. She has learned how to care for people of all ages and now visits her friends to heal their sick baby dolls. Along the way, she learns more about her culturally diverse world.
Nola the Nurse was born from the desire of Dr. Scharmaine L. Baker who had been searching for children’s books that were both culturally sensitive and featured African-American nurses. She had found none, so she decided to create her own and Nola the Nurse was born.

Nola the Nurse, She’s On The Go, is the first in a series of beautifully illustrated bedtime stories, perfect for young children. Your child will delight in the colorful pictures and will also learn important cultural lessons.

Nola The Nurse: She's On The Go: Vol 1

PURCHASE HERE: http://www.amazon.com/Nola-Nurse-Shes-Go-1/dp/0991240723/ref=sr_1_3?s=books&ie=UTF8&qid=1431027542&sr=1-3&keywords=nola+the+nurse

2013 The Year of Educating and Inspiring our Youth About Who Nurse Practitioners Are



Today, I called a local High School to inquire about speaking to their HS Juniors and Seniors about The Role of the Nurse Practitioner.  This was a random call that I felt inspired to do because sometimes you just have to “give back” especially when you have been given so much.  Anyway, the school principal came to the phone and excitedly said, ” Where have you been? We have representatives from the field of law, medicine, and a few accountants, but we have no nursing representation.  We have been having a lot of students to ask about the NP and what they do, but we did not know where to begin to look.  I’m so glad you called.  When can you come and talk to them? Lunch is on us!” WOW! We set a date and I was so encouraged that after this conversation, I contacted a couple more schools and got an eerily similar response.  I subsequently set up dates with them too.  We need to encourage the next generation to join our profession and show them what we do.  Let’s just start with one High School at a time.  I’m excited and encouraged about what the future holds.