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The Housecall Course


Today was magnificent for so many reasons. First, I had the opportunity to meet two pretty amazing nurse practitioners from Woodlands, Texas. Seree Reynolds (L) and Watchara Silo (R) are both family nurse practitioners who are originally from Bangkok, Thailand. I had the honor of teaching them the nuts and bolts of how to start a Housecall practice in their community. They are now equipped to go out and provide Primary Care to many who would otherwise not receive healthcare.

Second, I thoroughly enjoyed working with them because I got to learn about Thailand and how advanced practice nursing is approached there. We also shared our hopes and dreams regarding family, business building, and cooking habits. Guess what? You think you are different from the next person, but you’re really not. You actually have more in common than you would ever imagine.


The Housecall Course REMAINS the ONLY course in America training clinicians on how to open and maintain a successful Housecall medical practice.

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Dr. Lawson-Baker featured on Nurse Practitioner Podcast Series

Dr. Scharmaine Lawson-Baker featured on NP Podcast about Housecalls


2013 City Business magazine Healthcare Hero

2013 City Business magazine Healthcare Hero

I am honored to announce that the New Orleans City Business magazine recognized me as one of the 50 Healthcare Heroes from the State of Louisiana based on professional and community achievement.


We’re featured in another article

We’re featured in another article

We are thrilled to be a part of this groundbreaking “not so” new way of delivering healthcare to many who would otherwise not receive assistance with their medicines and chronic disease states.  Housecalls is the answer to reduced hospitalizations and lower ER admissions which saves EVERYONE.   

French Quarter Housecalls

img00058-1After a few hours of lethargy, I assembled my little black bag, Toughbook laptop, PDA, cell, vaccines, camcorder, camera and headed out to the “Quarters” to see my elderly homebound patients.

The first stop is “Ms. Lolli” 97 years young and as spicy as Cayenne.  As soon as I hit the door, she says, “I got pepper tea, Barq’s, Diet cola, and Gin. What you havin’ today and then we can talk about the spider bite.”  “I will take a Barq’s on the rocks” as I made it near her comfy rocking chair.  We sat and chatted about her spider bite, the French Quarter Festival and everything in between as I sipped the cool Barq’s.  I almost forgot she was my patient and I was actually working.  I am glad I came to work today…just knowing that she was waiting with the door unlocked anxious to tell her story made my lethargy turn to glee.


New Orleans Westbank Housecalls

On the road again…

It has been a long time since we went on a housecall.  So, today was a treat.  We saw a total of 12 patients.  This was a large amount for us, but we have a lot of catching up to do.

Later, we went to look at a satellite office on the Westbank after the housecalls were finished.  This will give us offices on both sides of the Mississippi River.

I am looking forward to the bladder biofeedback course this weekend in CT.  I can’t wait to enjoy the zero degrees weather and an opportunity to meet several entrepreneurial NP’s.