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The Housecall Course


Today was magnificent for so many reasons. First, I had the opportunity to meet two pretty amazing nurse practitioners from Woodlands, Texas. Seree Reynolds (L) and Watchara Silo (R) are both family nurse practitioners who are originally from Bangkok, Thailand. I had the honor of teaching them the nuts and bolts of how to start a Housecall practice in their community. They are now equipped to go out and provide Primary Care to many who would otherwise not receive healthcare.

Second, I thoroughly enjoyed working with them because I got to learn about Thailand and how advanced practice nursing is approached there. We also shared our hopes and dreams regarding family, business building, and cooking habits. Guess what? You think you are different from the next person, but you’re really not. You actually have more in common than you would ever imagine.


The Housecall Course REMAINS the ONLY course in America training clinicians on how to open and maintain a successful Housecall medical practice.

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The sky is the limit. get there.



New Frontiers

This has been a keynote speaking experience like none other. I never imagined falling madly in love with a community of clinicians, future midwives, and soon to be nurse practitioners.  Frontier Nursing School

It all began when Dr. Julie Marfell, the Dean of Nursing picked me up from Bluegrass Airport. I was still in awe of the endless blades of green grass when I was cordially treated to an incredible organic meal at the local CoOp. Let me just say, ” I was licking my fingers.” I truly believe that I am a total foodie because well, I’m from New Orleans. This makes me a certified foodie. When I lick my fingers after eating, it’s good. Real good.

Anyway, we were then off for a 2.5 hr drive through the most majestic mountain terrain I had ever seen outside of the Great Smokey Mountains and the fabulous snow-topped mountains of AK. I hardly noticed that for about 30 minutes my phone was quietly registering and reporting , “NO SERVICE.” I didn’t notice because of the glorious scenery and the incredible fascinating stories about the founder of the Frontier Nursing School, Ms. Mary Carson Breckinridge . All I can say is, “WOW!” She was an incredible visionary that saw a need and filled it. I am so honored to have been the keynote speaker at the 5th Annual PRIDE Diversity Impact weekend. PRIDE Diversity Impact I’m really kinda glad that I didn’t do a lot of research on Frontier Nursing School before I arrived because that made everything a little more raw for me. More than ever, I have been overwhelmed with the spirit of compassion, community, diversity, and giving since arriving. I feel Ms. Breckinridge’s spirit all around me. I know she’s here. The home she lived in and the trails she took to deliver babies as a midwife for women in her community are still here. There is even a brick from THE Florence Nightingale here!!!!!!!!! It just doesn’t get any better. I rubbed it. I was in the room with it.

My Speaker bag with all kinds of neat gifts about Ms. Breckinridge and two sweet little FSN ponies for my babies.

My Speaker bag with all kinds of neat gifts about Ms. Breckinridge and two sweet little FSN ponies for my babies.

As my journey draws to a close, I will relish in the noises from a cricket-filled night and maybe take one more hike through the mountains because I’m always trying to get more steps!

Dr. Baker is the Keynote Speaker for PRIDE Diversity Impact weekend at Frontier University

We’re so excited to announce that Dr. Baker is the Keynote Speaker for the annual PRIDE Diversity Impact weekend at Frontier University! As featured on The New Orleans People Project 2013 As featured on The New Orleans People Project 2013 http://www.frontier.edu/student-services/pride-program/events/diversity-impact

New changes with The Housecall Course in 2014

I’m taking The Houscall Course on the road for a LIVE session in 2014! Where should I go first??!!! 2014 will be a year of many NEW features with The Housecall Course. I can’t wait to share them!!!!!! Ok, so…..where do I go first???Image

Getting things DOne.


I’m finally moving towards getting more DOne in my daily routines.  Notice I have the letters DO in CAPS. This is so necessary because it is a bold reminder to just get things DOne.  Today was the first day of The Housecall Course after a six month hiatus to spend more time with my young family.  It was refreshing to be back and have the opportunity to share my knowledge with some entrepreneurial nurse practitioners from East Texas and New Jersey.  The excitement about the field of Housecalls is infectious and encouraging.  The East Texas NPs will be bringing healthcare to rural areas of Texas where Houscalls are not yet performed.  How exciting to be a pioneer!!!!! They are moving and DOing.  I’m inspired by their enthusiasm.  Pics to follow on tomorrows blog.  I’m now off to DO some writing on my latest project. DO More.  Besos


NursesFYI Magazine


I am blessed to be on my second magazine cover of my NP career.  NursesFYI is an online magazine found exclusively on the Apple newsstand. Happy NP Week!

New Housecall Course Dates


Hello all…The New Housecall Course dates will now be prominently posted on the FRONT PAGE of the website! This has been a frequent request. I’m listening. I promise.

Between meetings, speaking engagements, photo shoots, and just being a ‘mommy’ to my 2 little babies, things are finally coming along again.  I have loaded the August dates and will have all Housecall Course dates for 2013 loaded by this weekend. Thanks for your patience and keep the suggestions coming! Besos