Getting things DOne.


I’m finally moving towards getting more DOne in my daily routines.  Notice I have the letters DO in CAPS. This is so necessary because it is a bold reminder to just get things DOne.  Today was the first day of The Housecall Course after a six month hiatus to spend more time with my young family.  It was refreshing to be back and have the opportunity to share my knowledge with some entrepreneurial nurse practitioners from East Texas and New Jersey.  The excitement about the field of Housecalls is infectious and encouraging.  The East Texas NPs will be bringing healthcare to rural areas of Texas where Houscalls are not yet performed.  How exciting to be a pioneer!!!!! They are moving and DOing.  I’m inspired by their enthusiasm.  Pics to follow on tomorrows blog.  I’m now off to DO some writing on my latest project. DO More.  Besos


2 responses to “Getting things DOne.

  1. Scharmaine, you have always been a DO-er!

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