2013 City Business magazine Healthcare Hero

2013 City Business magazine Healthcare Hero

I am honored to announce that the New Orleans City Business magazine recognized me as one of the 50 Healthcare Heroes from the State of Louisiana based on professional and community achievement.

2 responses to “2013 City Business magazine Healthcare Hero

  1. I am in need of an angel look @ my facebook account wanda shirley nola so you know who I am.An ex husband of my daughter who was a jealous drug lover got in touch w/my pain dr and told him i was suicidal and a junkie dr beaucordray took his word pretending to be my shrink dr robert davis sr. retired and without talking to me fired me and blacklisted me.I have a cardo med 369 align total knee replacement before it was approved 1 year before the first successful one.It gives out to the right and I have a broken ankle,back and both femurs can not walk and now no dr will help me I am afraid I will never walkI have amerigroup now can u help me Thank you for your time and the good deeds you do wanda shirley 504-352-4237 God bless

    • Hi Ms. Shirley:
      Please call the office at 504-861-0108. Please keep in mind that nurse practitioners do not prescribe for chronic pain. Please call the office and speak with Treena to discuss if our practice will be a good fit for you.
      Be well,

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