Alaska Day 1, Monday

We left NOLA at 0500.  We did not arrive in Anchorage until 1400 (1700 in NOLA).  We check into our hotel that has Taxidermy on a magnificent display in several glass cases (bears, moose, reindeer [Prancer, Vixon], and a wolverine –like from X-Men).  The weather is a misty 60 degrees.  Our hotel room is clean, but a bit rustic complete with a moose lamp and Native-American art on the wall.  After a quick shower, we’re off to dinner with a few other couples and locals in a private dining room at a local restaurant.


First of all, I have never had beer-battered Halibut. Yummy. I try theMacadamia encrusted Alaskan Salmon filet with asparagus and Jasmine rice.  Yummy.  I passed on the fried Calamari, reindeer (Prancer) sausage, and Buffalo links.  Second, I met someone who said he was an Eskimo.  Well, me being me, I asked him if Igloos existed.  Yes, at one time they did, he says, but explained that he nor any members of his tribe live in one.  We continue eating and talking until 2300 (0200 in NOLA).  I was exhausted and could not believe it was still daylight outside.   Yes, I did not see the sun, but it was light outside and the temperature had dropped to a windy 40 degrees.  We get back to the hotel and are surprised that everybody is still awake (restaurant/bar still open), discover that we have been up 24 hours because it is now 0200 (0500 in NOLA), and lovingly appreciate another city that never sleeps.



Big White Bear Greeting

Big White Bear Greeting

Alaska Day 2, Tuesday to follow

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