The Firing finale…

Well, as Lexi entered the building, I gestured for her to step in my office.  I asked her how she honestly felt about Housecalls and she said that, “I am really more of an office person, even though this is a primarily housecall practice…I thought I could do it.” I say, ok “then this is not going to work for either of us.” “Ok” she says, “Will I get paid?” I tell her that by law I must pay her for the hours worked and that she will get paid.  She then goes on to say that she really, really, appreciates what I do and if I have any office openings to consider her.  I make no promises and tell her to stay for the day to help us finish packing equipment for the move.

We HUG and realize it is not a perfect match for either party.

An hour later, just as I start to pat myself on the back for having a great “firing moment”, I get a call from one of my patient’s telling me that they are wondering why they have been scheduled to go to a Cardiologist when they have been feeling fine?  I place them on hold, and quickly gather all personnel to question the meaning of everything especially when an elderly, frail, client has made an unnecessary  doctor’s visit.   Alas, it is revealed that Lexi translated the wrong information on the wrong patient when she was making the appointment!  With egg on my face, I profusely apologize to the family while they are leaving the wrong doctor’s office and assure them that it will never happen again.  In the background, I hear the doctor saying, “She should buy yall lunch!”

In light of these developments, I had Lexi immediately escorted from the premises.

One response to “The Firing finale…

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