My wild Zulu ride


What a day.

It  began at 0200.  We had breakfast at the Hilton that included face painting and itchy grass skirts.  It was about 40 degrees, a little cold for a Southern Gal.  Well, we were all packed and loaded on the float at about 0500, but because of a little breakdown, we did not arrive at the beginning of the parade until 0900.  Some break huh?

I know!!!! If you hate traffic, this would have been a nightmare for you.

As the float rolled on, it was something that I never experienced before.  I could not get enough beads going to everybody and all I could hear was, I want a coconut! Hey, Hey, You, I want a coconut and yes, I had some folks to run after the float for a few blocks…like I used to do.  There were people bringing babies as young as 2 months-old to the float for a coconut!  Unbelievable, the baby can’t even say the word!img00044-1

I had a blast, but I’m real glad it is over…gotta get back to patient care on tomorrow.


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