Billing Nightmare!!!

I have just cleared up a mountain of billing issues.

It was an extremely painful and challenging task to complete.  I would recommend a small billing company for small NP practices.  It is here that you will get personalized attention.  It seems as if the larger billing companies are unable to accommodate small NP practices.  To illustrate, its nice to be able to speak with someone from your billing company anytime, including afterhours for anything. This is necessary when you are running a business.  What I have found is that when dealing with larger companies, they only work certain hours and the fees associated with them tend to be higher.

Don’t mean to ramble on about billing issues…I just want to be clear to all NP’s who are now getting into business. Read all CONTRACTS!

One response to “Billing Nightmare!!!

  1. Hi Scharmaine,

    Happy to see your blog and read all about your travels. I don’t know where you find the time to do all that you do, but I’m grateful for your sharing.

    Be Well,


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