My first book entry…

I was contacted by Nancy one of the co-editors from Kaplan Publishing…and…. I decided to contribute my “KATRINA” story to Kaplan Publishing for their book entitled: To The Rescue: Stories from Healthcare Workers at the Scene of Disaster.  Sounds exciting.  I can’t wait to finish my 2,500 words in my spare time!

Thanks Kaplan and Nancy for finding me!

2 responses to “My first book entry…

  1. Thanks for the link to your site! I look forward to catching up on some reading. I hope that your business is doing well and I envy that you are “doing your own thing.” Maybe one day Florida will get up to speed!

    • Yeah…maybe Florida will eventually get up to speed. Don’t envy, your chance will come. The question will then be, “are you up for the challenge?”

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