9th Ward


Going to make housecalls in the 9th Ward today…

The area is still.


Still recovering from KATRINA.


Most of my clients today are in the Upper 9th Ward and that area is showing promise, but has a long way to go.  The Lower 9…where Brad Pitt has his homes from the Make It Right Foundation has an even longer way to go.

UNbelievable…4 years later!

Let’s hope the rain doesn’t catch us, it’s a little cloudy.

Above picture shows a Brad Pitt Make It Right 9 Foundation home

3 responses to “9th Ward

  1. My family lives in South Florida where all three hurricanes came through a few years ago. The last time I went down to visit, there were still homes with tarps on them. It’s incredible!

  2. Deena Robertson

    I am doing a report for a class, Diversity and Social Justice(Masters in Social Work) on Hurricane Katrina and instead of focusing on the city of New Orleans I am focusing on the 9th ward, it seems to me as I have been researching, that not much has really been done for this city as far as rebuilding and renewing. Since I saw that you are a nurse practictioner that does home calls in that area can you tell me your perceptions. Do you feel that the slow renewal has to do with an underlying race issue.


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